Monday, October 17, 2011

1st blog!!!

So...welcome to my very 1st blog! I've never really had the desire to blog but I've been spending SO MUCH time on the computer, I figured I might as well put my time to good use...and spending time on facebook doesn't count! :-) My blogs are intended to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone who cares to read them. I've always thought I was better at expressing myself through written words...something about sitting down and writing (or in this case typing) my feelings has always been so easy for me...allowed me to be more honest then I would in person. Don't know what's up with that... Anyway, here goes...

How did I get to this point in my life??? Ever since I left my job to be a full time mommy (yay!) I've been filled with contentment and peace...thank you Lord! My heart longed to stay home since my little princess was born 4 years ago but it wasn't in the Lord's plan I guess. Funny how He makes you wait...and wait...and wait...for HIS perfect time. :-) At any rate, it took some "minor" convincing with Jason (my wonderful, loving, adorable, funny, aggrivating) husband, before I could take the bold step to leave the job I'd worked at for 13 years for this new adventure and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! Sacrifices had to be made, of course, in order for me to be able to follow my heart but I know the Lord will provide and has provided for us in this journey so far.

To give you an idea of just SOME of the sacrifices I had to make...I traded my brand NEW car (not even 1 year old) in for a car that is 7 years (count them 7 years) old! And I'm thrilled I did! Who needs all the bells and whistles??? I just need something to get me from point A to point B. I've also curbed my shopping habit TREMENDOUSLY to the point that IF I'm out shopping, I won't look at ANYTHING unless it's on sale...clearance is even better! :-) And that says A LOT about me. I mean, I'm the girl that used to shop EVERY WEEKEND with my mom and ALWAYS came home with something new. I've since learned materialistic things are void...count them as lost...they bring temporary happiness only to require the need to be fulfilled again with other materialistic things....such a vicious circle!

I'm learning to lean on the Lord and trust Him for what I need not what I want. That's a hard thing to do in today's society. When is enough enough? Well, enough was enough for me when I realized I couldn't take any of my "shopping treasures" or my brand new car with my to heaven. When I realized that my children were growing up without me. When I realized I would rather spend every minute possible with my kids then I would driving in my hot new car to the next shopping center to find the lastest fashion item that would eventually become outdated.

Well, that's it for now. This weather is beautiful and the porch is calling my name! Until next time!

God bless! :-)

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