Sunday, November 11, 2012

When all else fails...

We, as humans, have expectations of others. The problem with expectations is that they lead to disappointment more times then not. I believe expectations are the work of the enemy. Who else would "create" a mind set that enables humans to assume that another human should or would do what we think they should or would do? Who else would "create" a mind set that allows for heartache and disappointment to creep in when what we think or feel should happen falls through? Who else would "create" a mind set that allows for inevitable failure? When all else fails, Jesus stands.

We, as believers in Christ, have hope. Through His grace, I'm allowed to stumble. Through His grace, I fall upward towards him. And it's that same grace that we should extend towards our loved ones. When our loved ones fall, do we extend them the same grace Jesus extends to us? Or do we wallow in the disappointment of our expectations of them? Do we look at them and see them through the eyes of Christ? Or do we look at them and see only their "failures"? When all else fails, Jesus stands.

For the last 10 years, I have sat under the teachings of two Godly pastors who preach the truth of God's word. I've learned more about grace in the last 10 years then I did in the first 22 years of my life. I never really knew what grace was to be honest. Because of their teachings, I've been able to look at those around me and show them the grace I've been shown. I haven't always gotten it right but I've tried. Now, just in this last year and few  months, I've learned more then I could ever imagine. My walk with the Lord has been stronger, all though admittedly it could still use some work. The expectations I put on myself are far worse then the expectations anyone else could ever put on me. I'm working on that but I've learned...when all else fails, Jesus stands.

This last year has been full of laughter and joy, with bits of tears and sorrow sprinkled in. I've developed new friendships that I hope to carry on for years to come. I've seen some frienships change for the negative. I've seen some friendships grow and flourish. And I've seen some change in ways I never would have thought possible. I've struggled with knowing what to do in these situations. How do you talk about negative changes in friendships with those closest to you when you know you're the only one who sees them? What do you do? When all else fails, Jesus stands.

I have seen the enemy at work in my home and in my relationships over this last year. He truly is out to "kill, steal, and destroy". This world may not be my home but it certainly is my battlefield. It feels like a constant battle for the life of my family and the life of my relationships. I have prayed through rivers of tears for my family and seen God answer those prayers as only He can. I have cried out to Him for peace and guidance and when He does answer, the enemy fights back harder. It seems the mortars the enemy is throwing at me are hitting closer and closer to the bunker I'm hiding in. Their booming explosions are deafening. But through it all I know Jesus is leading the way. When all else fails, Jesus stands.

My hope is you Jesus.

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